This was one of the prototypes in operation being tested at the Schiedam factory.

Last Friday, as part of Willem Haverkort’s group, I had the opportunity to visit the facilities of Battolyser Systems. The visit included a presentation about the activities of our group by Willem, an overview of the Battolyser technology, and a visit to the factory and test facilities.

The Battolyser technology combines in a very singular way a battery with an electrolyzer. This allows this system to flatten the electric demand curve. Their design shows outstanding performance and very fast time response, which makes them very suitable for integrating intermittent renewable energies into the grid.

I was greatly surprised by the fast pace at which the company is growing, and the ambitious plans they have for the future.

It was also a nice opportunity to meet present and former students involved with the company, and also to meet new colleagues working in the same field.