Nicolás Valle Marchante

Computational Methods | Multiphase flows | Electrochemistry


My name is Nicolás Valle and I am a Assistant Professor at the department of Mechanical Engineering of TU Delft.

My research interests are at the intersection of electrochemistry, fluid mechanics and numerical methods. In my research group, we study multiphase flows in electrochemical processes via numerical simulations.

Central to my work is the development and use of scientific software to simulate multiphase flows and complex transport phenomena. I develop new algorithms that improve physical reliability and implement them in High Performance Computing architectures.

Feel free to explore my research, publications, and software and reach out to initiate engaging conversations or potential collaborations.

I develop numerical methods to study fluid mechanics in electrochemical systems.


Enabling hydrogen technologies

Multiphase flows

Unveiling bubble dynamics

Numerical methods

Mimicking the physics.