I am on my way to the 13th European Symposium on Electrochemical Engineering. Ahead are 4 days of exciting and vivid exchanges with colleagues from the electrochemical community.

I have been involved in a couple of talks that we will present at the conference. As usual, we look at the impact of bubbles in electrolyzers. On Monday, June 26th, at 14:40h, within the Section Mo-C2, Topic 8: Design, modeling, and simulation of electrochemical devices, I will present our joint work with Prof. J.W. Haverkort and A. Rajora on “A new mass transfer coefficient relation including bubble micro-mixing and natural convection near gas-evolving electrodes”. In there, we look at a wide range of experimental and analytical studies to come up with a new model that explains mass transfer enhancement due to bubbles in both natural and forced convection flows. After that, prof. Haverkort will present in the same session the work “Multiphase Simulations of Zero-gap Alkaline Water Electrolyzers.” which we co-authored with W. van der Does. In that work, we highlight the numerical method that we deploy to simulate water electrolyzers.

Overall, very excited to deepen our cooperation with the community and to get the to know what our colleagues are up to. See you there!