I am happy to share that, together with Roel Verstappen, our paper “Conservation of energy in the DNS of interface-resolved multiphase flows” has been finally accepted for the special issue of Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flows. The paper was specially invited for publication after last year’s 18th Multiphase Flow and Short Conference organized by HZDR in Dresden, Germany, although it took place entirely online.

In tis paper, together with professor Verstappen, we explore the suitability of the newly developed energy-preserving simulation [1] for the Direct Numerical Simulation of bubbly flows. Results show how the new method provides enhanced physical reliability as well as numerical stability. Results also point at different issues that need to be addressed, such as interface thickness and the conservation of linear momentum due to the capillary term.


  1. N. Valle and F. X. Trias and J. Castro (2020): An energy-preserving level set method for multiphase flows. In: J. Comput. Phys., vol. 400, pp. 108991, 2020, ISSN: 10902716.