Last week I attended the ECCOMAS 2022 conference in Oslo, Norway. I had the opportunity to meet with colleagues around the world working on numerical methods. It was very nice to be back in a fully in-person conference: certainly, the level of discussion and socializing that in-person interaction offer is much higher than any of the previous virtual conferences.

I am particularly happy about how our mini-symposium on “Discrete conservation properties for fluid flows: from fundamentals to applications” went. The conference consisted of 17 regular presentations and 1 keynote that spread over 3 sessions on Wednesday, June 8. The sessions showed a variety of topics such as compressible, multiphase, and magnetohydrodynamics; and also very interesting numerical talks. Most prominently, the keynote of prof. Arthur Veldman showed a very interesting overview of numerical methods with a historical perspective. I am pleased that he accepted our invitation, as I could not think of a better keynote speaker for the mini-symposium.

On a personal level, I presented our work “On the conservation of primary and secondary properties in the simulation of multiphase flows” where, together with F.X. Trias and R.W.C.P Verstappen, we investigated whether we can simultaneously preserve mass, momentum, and energy for multiphase flows with surface tension.