My proposal “TBGreen: Turbulent bubbly flows for a greener industry”, which was submitted to the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions within the EU’s Horizon Europe program has been awarded the Seal of Excellence. In this way, the Comission acknowledges the “high-quality of the proposal in a highly competitive evaluation process”. However, since t it could not receive funding due to budgetary constraints, “it is recommended by the European Commission for funding by other sources”.

The proposal was focused on developing high-quality Direct Numerical Simulations techniques for the assessment of turbulent bubbly flows. The purpose was to advance the knowledge of the interaction between turbulence and bubbles, with the long-term goal being the development of bubbly flow technologies.

Bubbly flow technologies aim at using bubbles for modulating large-scale flow features and can be applied to reduce drag and improve mixing and heat transfer. These processes are key ingredients to transform Europe’s transport, chemical, and energy industries.