I am pleased to announce that, together with my colleagues F.X. Trias (UPC), F. Capuano (Politecnico di Bari), G. Coppola (U. Napoli “Federico II”) and R.W.C.P. Verstappen, we will be organizing the mini symposium entitled “Discrete conservation properties for fluid flows: from fundamentals to applications” in the upcoming ECCOMAS conference. Our goal is to gather together the symmetry-preserving/mimetic community to exchange its latest developments, with particular emphasis on its application to industrial applications.

Symmetry-preserving methods are very attractive for the simulation of physical problems, inasmuch as they exactly reproduce the physical laws at the discrete level. In a typical fluid system, these methods preserve discrete mass, momentum, and energy, just as the real physical system does. To do so, these methods typically delve into understanding which mathematical properties of the continuum governing equations are responsible for such conservation, typically (skew-)symmetries, and then try to preserve these same properties when constructing the numerical counterpart. Preserving the physical laws of the system is not only beneficial in terms of the quality of the simulation but, as far as the actual system is physically stable, it also guarantees that the simulation is numerically stable.

While this class of methods enjoys popularity within the Direct Numerical Simulation of incompressible, turbulent, single-phase, flows; in recent years they are also being adopted for the simulation of other, complex flows due to their good mathematical properties. The goal of this symposium is to bring together researchers adopting this family of numerical methods in different fields.

The mini-symposium will be part of the ECCOMAS 2022 conference, which will be held in Oslo, Norway, on between 5th and 9th June, 2022. If you are interested, keep an eye on the conference website for important dates and registration.