Happy to share that our conference paper entitled “Symmetry-preserving discretizations in unstructured staggered meshes” was accepted at the upcoming 13th International Symposium on Engineering, Turbulence, Modelling and Measurements to be held in Rhodes, Greece. together with professors Verstappen and Trias.

In it we discuss how to construct staggered discretizations by reusing readily available collocated ones, customary of most widely available comercial packages. While the staggered method, originally developed by Harlow and Welch[1] has proven significant advantages over the collocated one[2], its implementation is certainly complex, particularly in unstructured meshes. While other attempts have been made in the past[3][4], they do not collapse to the classical Harlow and Welch scheme when applied to a structured mesh. This is why in this work we present a new method that does collapse to the desired properties.

I am looking forward for exciting discussions with our colleagues in the first in-person conference (even if it is in a hybrid format) after the pandemics. See you all there!


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